Crystal Blue Power Wash is a family run business that prides itself on their attention to detail, personalized customer service and perfection in every job they do.

At Crystal Blue Power Wash we can add 5% more value to your home at a 10th of the price to get it painted. We give your home a fresh new look which in turn will give you more curb appeal and not only that, we can save you money by dissolving mould and road grim which over time, can cause problems for your home and affect your family’s health. Crystal Blue Power Wash can eliminate of all of these issues and keep your home looking like new, which will keep your biggest investment at its greatest potential.

Comparing it in another way; 2 homes, 1 home has a clean looking driveway and fence, the house looks like it’s just been painted (but hasn’t). It looks fresh and clean, the roof also looks fresh with no black mould on it. 2nd house the driveway looks old, fences have green mould over them, the house has cobwebs in every exterior corner, wasp nest mould under the eaves and gutters, you can’t tell the true colour of the roof because it is covered in mould which in time will damage your roof. In short, the whole presentation of the house looks tired and unmaintained. Remember, this is your biggest asset. So which house would you prefer to have? Crystal Blue Power Wash can help you make your home look like new again and you will be pleasantly surprised on how much it will cost. Crystal Blue Power Wash can also clean commercial exteriors as well as shop fronts, truck fleets and machinery – we are able to look after all your exterior cleaning needs. We are fully insured and we are very mindful of our environment by not allowing our waste water go down into the stormwater drains which then goes into our waterways. We have the most modern pressure and soft wash cleaning equipment and also do hot washing to get rid of those stubborn oil stains. So give Chad from Crystal Blue Power Wash a call, we look forward to transforming your assets as much as you do!